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        1. Our Mines

          Coal-Supply Regions

          Arch Coal is a leading producer of metallurgical coal and the second largest producer of thermal coal in the nation. Our large, low-cost and modern operations are located in the most strategic coal supply basins in the U.S. We serve a broad mix of steel producers, power producers and industrial accounts here and around the world with a vast metallurgical and thermal coal product slate and a wide range of logistical options for delivery.

          Arch is a leading producer of metallurgical coal in the United States. We produce a broad product slate of high-quality coking coal in Appalachia for sale in the global steel market. Arch has extensive low-cost reserves adjacent to its flagship Leer operation. This 200-million-ton reserve block is comprised of High-vol A quality coal, and will support decades of low-cost mining. This gives Arch one of the most extensive and highest quality metallurgical coal reserve bases in the U.S. coal industry.

          Powder River Basin
          Arch produces the vast majority of its thermal coal from its operations in the Southern PRB - the nation's largest and lowest cost coal-supply region. Operating two large surface mines, Black Thunder and Coal Creek, the company ships coal to power generators across the U.S.

          Western Bituminous Region
          Arch operates one large underground longwall mine in Colorado. The West Elk mine produces high-heat, low-sulfur coal well-suited for domestic and international power generators as well as industrial customers.

          Illinois Basin
          Along with the company's 49% equity interest in Knight Hawk Coal, Arch operates the highly competitive, low-cost Viper mine in the Illinois Basin. Arch's extensive and competitive reserve base provides a solid platform in a growth region that is well positioned to export to the Atlantic Basin market via the Gulf of Mexico.