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        1. Our Products

          Coal Sales

          We are ready to serve you with over 13 percent of America's annual coal supply.  We mine and sell a broad slate of high-quality coking coals and cleaner-burning, low-sulfur steam coals.

          Certain coal quality characteristics from each of our mines is estimated within the “Our Mines” section. For additional quality specifications, please contact one of Arch's sales offices.

          We operate nine modern and large-scale mining complexes in the eastern and western United States that have access to every major rail system as well as competitive access to inland waterways and export facilities from the East, West and Gulf coasts.

          Whether you need spot pricing or a long-term contract, you can count on Arch Coal. Contact us today.

          General Sales Inquiries

          Thank you for considering Arch Coal.
          Submit a Coal Sales Inquiry Form

          Contact Sales

          Arch Coal Sales, Inc.
          Phone: 314-994-2960
          Fax: 314-994-2719
          Coking Coal Inquiries
          Email: coking_coal_sales@archcoal.com
          Thermal Coal Inquiries
          Email: thermal_coal_sales@archcoal.com

          Arch Coal Asia-Pacific Pte. LTD.
          Phone: +65-6672-7666
          Email: ACAP@archcoal.com

          Arch Coal Europe/Middle East
          Phone: +44 (0) 20-3425-9710
          Email: emea@archcoal.com